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Industry insights

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New micro-credentials promise to boost engineering skills

Australia is in the grip of an engineering skills shortage.
A new series of micro-credentials from Engineers Australia promises to

How to win engineering consulting work - and make it profitable

Have you ever tried to fit more into a day than you know is humanly possible? How about working on

Five ways financial acumen strengthens engineering careers

Have you ever been surprised by a seemingly thriving, profitable multinational construction or engineering business suddenly going bankrupt? It happens

Quantitative risk analysis – the hidden gem in the engineer’s project management toolkit

Has your project ever gone over budget, over time, or both? What were the consequences? Was there a roll-on effect

New rail industry graduate program set to launch

Engineering Education Australia (EEA) has partnered with the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) to create the Engineers Australia’s Graduate Learning Program

Online training for engineers during the 21/22 break

Whether engineers want to get a head start on next year, explore a career adjustment, or they’re looking to fulfil